Where Can I Buy Walnut Oil

Even though the walnut oil is predominantly used for the purpose of cooking, it is brilliant skin care essential oil which leaves your skin more smooth and soft. This oil contains Omega 3 fatty acids in good quantities and these are easily absorbed by the skin. No wonder, this oil is a popular skin care product.

A big problem with majority of the commercial skin care lotions and oils is that they consist of synthetic materials like surfactants and detergents that might cause irritation on your skin. You might very often feel your skin drying up after application of these products. However, this is not the case when you use skin care products that are based on the walnut oil. This is because walnut oil is regenerative oil which is particularly more effective on the mature skin and it also possesses slight acidic properties that help in killing the unwanted bacteria. Even though this oil is effective in acne skin conditions, it also works brilliantly in case of eczema and sunburned skin. However, this does not imply that people with normal skin cannot make use of walnut oil. It provides smoother skin, thereby leaving you pampered. Generally people opt for a body run with some of the luxurious and aromatic types of walnut oil. There are not many commercial oils that can match the same caliber as that of walnut oil.


Before you buy walnut oil do check the label for certifications and presence of any synthetic ingredients. You should buy only walnut oil and no mixtures or derivatives. Since walnut oil is free from any sort of synthetic substances, it is used for various bath products including face and body creams, lip balms, lotions etc. It also finds its use in some anti wrinkle creams.

Majority of the walnut oil produced in the world comes from France. Apart from that, it is also produced in USA, New Zealand and Australia. The unrefined walnut oil is derived by drying and cold pressing the knots. Generally the higher grade walnut oil is topaz in color and it has got a rich nutty taste. Walnut oil also offers some great anti inflammatory and antioxidants benefits. This oil is rich in linoleic acid and the benefits of Vitamin A, C and E.

It is not directly used for cooking at high temperatures but is poured over pastas, salads and used as a dipping sauce. It is also important to note that an unopened bottle of walnut oil will maintain its quality for years, however once it is opened that its shelf life is anywhere between six months to one year. Also, in order to prevent it from becoming rancid, you should store it in a dark, cool, place. This natural oil is also used in aromatherapy typically along with other aromatic oils. It dries very quickly, thereby leaving the skin refreshed and without any signs of residue

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