Vanilla Essential Oil | Vanilla Extract

You will be simply amazed if you see the benefits associated with vanilla essential oil. Unlike what majority of the people believe, vanilla essential oil is not only used for flavoring and cooking, it also has got a plethora of advantages. Some of the most common benefits of this great oil are discussed in this article.

Vanilla is an orchid and climbing plant. This oil is among the most expensive flavorings present on this planet and it takes a lot of time to prepare this oil. This oil is extracted from the green fruit of vanilla. This fruits is dried and then fermented so as to obtain a well known brown vanilla pod. This oil is often used in the perfume as well as the flavoring industry. However, it is not unusually used in the aromatherapy. Since it is said to posses some really good aphrodisiac properties, it is extremely popular in East. Even though it’s not scientifically verified, but people use it for reducing fever symptoms.

Usually, enfleurage technique is used or the extraction of vanilla oil. In this the oils and fats are used to absorb the oil which after that is extracted using alcohol. This alcohol is then distilled to obtain the oil. The various benefits of this oil are largely due to its properties like anti depressant, sedative febrifuge, anti oxidant, aphrodisiacs, relaxing and tranquilizing. The main chemical compounds that are present in the vanilla oil include Vanillin Hydroxybenzaldehyde, Furfural, Isobutyric Acid and Acetic Acid, Caproic Acid. Vanilla oil is a great anti depressant and is used for treating mild as well as severe cases of depression.

Needless to say, this oil is used as a major flavoring agent in beverages, food as well as the pharmaceuticals companies. The antioxidant properties of this oils helps in the neutralization of the free radicals, thereby protecting the body from wears and tear. In fact, it is found effectives against some forms of cancer including colon and prostrate.

It has been proven that systematic administration of this oil to the patients of frigidity, impotence, loss of libido, erectile dysfunction will relieve them of their problem. This oil helps in the secretion of certain hormone including estrogen and testosterone, which helps in prompting arousal and sexual behavior.

Due to its sedating properties, it can be used for reducing the inflammation that occurs due to fever. The flavor itself is so tempting and soothing for everybody, from toddlers to aged people. For people suffering from hyperactivity in the various bodies function including the digestive system, respiratory system, and excretory system, this oil will be highly beneficial. Vanilla oil will also provide you with a sound sleep. It has got tranquilizing effect on brains and help to lower the blood pressure.

Vanilla oil is also used by women for regularizing their menstruations cycle, it does it be activating certain hormone like estrogen etc. Always opt for certified and high grade vanilla oils for better results. click here

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