Valerian Root

The scientific name of Valerian oil is Valeriana officinalis. This plant comes from the valerian family of the botanical plants. Ever since medieval times, this herb has been highly esteemed and used to be called as “all heal” oil. For most of the people the smell of the valerian oil is unpleasant, however it can be brought down to the pleasant level by mixing it with some other oils. This oil has to be used only in small quantities; if it is taken in excess it can dull the sense.

Valerian oil is produced by the steam distillation of the roots of the herb. Majority of the herb is cultivated and processed in France, Belgium as well as Croatia. It is widely used in Europe for treating problems of epilepsy, cholera as well as various other skin diseases. It is also used for treating sores, backache, colds as well as menstrual problems.

valerian root

Valerian oil has got some tranquilizing as well as the sedative properties that affects the central nervous systems. It is highly useful case of anxiety as well as insomnia. This oil provides a grounding, relaxing as well as calming effect. Thus, it is a great alternative to the expensive and not so safe sleeping drugs or aids. You can neatly apply this oil on the body or it can be directly inhaled, diffused as well as taken with any dietary supplement. Valerian oils mixes brilliantly with tea tree, cedar wood, patchouli, juniper as well as lavender. It is also non irritating and non toxic in nature, but may prove to be sensitizing for some individuals. Avoid using this oil during the pregnancy stage as well as in kids.

This root is a respected plant which is being widely used for treating various kinds of illness. For the last many years, the practitioners are respecting the healing powers of this herb. This oil also helps in the smoothening the muscle groups. For hundreds of years it has been used as a sleeping aid by people who face difficulties in sleeping.

It does not extend too sedative effects and is also non addictive in nature. The sedative effect in the valerian oil is present due to isovaleric acid and valepotriates. It is antispasmodic, particularly in the case of abdominal cramps largely due to nervousness and for menstrual agitation and uterine cramps. It also helps to relive dysmenorrhoea and can benefit the people who suffer from rheumatic pain and migraine frequently. You can apply it to deal with muscle tension also.

Valerian oil has been tried as part of benzodiazepines and antidepressants programs and is used as a muscle relaxant.

You need to ensure that you are using only the therapeutic grade valerian oil. To have a balancing affect and also to prevent the concerns of overdosing one should only use the blended oil.

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