Thyme Oil

Thyme is an herb which is widely using for the purpose of cooking. It has got a minty flavor and is used in flavoring, spices etc. Since the essence of thyme is not very dominating, it does not surpass the flavors that are already present in the dishes.

Thyme helps in lending the dish an aromatic and warm flavor. However the use of thyme is not just limited to use as an excellent flavoring agent. The herb from which the thyme oil is extracted contains some brilliant medicinal properties. Before the discovery of the antibiotics, this oil was greatly used for the purpose of disinfection and cleansing of the wounds. This oil is also rich in antiseptic, antifungal as well as various antibacterial properties, which makes this oil as a potent remedy for the treatment of inflammations and infections. The main component of thyme oil is thymol, which is highly rich in antiseptic properties. This is the reason why this oil is an active ingredient in majority of the hand sanitizers, creams as well as mouthwash. There is a significant amount of iron, vitamin K, calcium and manganese present in it.

thyme essential oil

Thyme oil is also diuretic in nature so it helps in the removal of toxins by increasing the urination in the body. It also helps to reduce the level of uric acid present in the blood. Since it is also a stimulant, it promotes the circulation of blood in the human body. For treatment of gout, rheumatism and arthritis, this oil is a good remedy option.

Spasms in the intestine, muscles, respiratory tracts as well as nerves can be reduced by using the thyme oil. Thyme oil helps in limiting the growth of bacteria in both outside as well as inside of the body. Thus, the various types of bacterial infection in the genitals, intestines, wounds and respiratory system can be treated with the help of this oil.

Thyme is said to have a positive effect on the functioning of heart. It helps to maintain the valves in good condition. It helps in calming the veins and arteries and lowers the blood pressure. It helps in the strengthening of the cardiac muscles, thereby protecting the heart from suffering excessive stress. Due to the tonic properties, it helps to tone up the heart.

You can keep parasites, fleas, mosquitoes as well as lice can be kept away from the body by using thus oil. Also, it helps in kill various types of pests including beetles, bugs as well as moths. For women, it is used for curing painful menstruation, menopause and irregular periods. Since it helps in stimulating the production of estrogen, it helps to defer menopause and provide cure from various symptom that are associated with menstruation including depression, nausea, fatigue etc.

Lastly, thyme oil finds it use in removing the blemishes and scares completely. This property of thyme oil makes it a popular and attractive cosmetic product.

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