Tagetes essential oil

Due to its properties including anti spasmodic, disinfectant, anti parasitic, anti septic as well as sedative etc. tagetes essential oil is said to possess a wide range of health benefits. Tagetes is known by many other names including Mexican Marie Gold and Khaki Bush. The origin of the herb is reported in Africa from where it spread to other parts of the globe including Australia, America as well as Europe. The scientific name of Tagetes is Tagetes Minuta and it is widely used as anti parasitic and insect repellent in the counties mentioned above. Tagetes essential oil is extracted from the flowers, leaves, stem as well as stalk of the plant through the process of steam distillation. Valeric acid, limonene, tagetone and ocimene constitute the main components of this oil.

Even though its fragrance is really nice, it is not as popular in aromatherapy or perfumery as it should be. However, its reputation as anti septic and anti parasitic products still holds firm. Apart from the benefits already mentioned, Tagetes essential oil is also used as:-

Anti Biotic- The presence of this oil in the system does not allow any type of biotic growth, i.e., bacterial, protozoa or fungi in the human body. Thus, it’s found highly effective in case of gangrene, ulcers, and rotten wounds etc. It is also used to cleanse wounds.

Anti Parasitic- It is highly effective against parasites and thus will definitely get you rid of harmful and annoying parasites including bed bugs, mosquitoes, fleas etc. It also helps in neutralizing the effects.

Antiseptic- It’s quite astonishing to believe that how a simple wound can affect all your body system within minutes. This oil is highly lethal to the septic causing bacteria and helps in inhibiting its growth.

Anti Spasmodic: Tagetes essential oil has got a relaxing nature and thus it helps in providing relaxation to various spasms of the body and provides relief from diarrhea, cramps, spasmodic cough etc.

Disinfectant: Combined together the antibiotic, anti microbial as well as anti parasitic properties of Tagetes essential oil are very effective in disinfecting an affect area on the body. When it is ingested or applied to the body externally, it helps in curing the infections in the body. Many of the wind borne diseases like pox, cold, measles etc. can be treated with this oil.

Sedative- Its sedative properties have been used since quite a few hundred years now. It helps in sedative irritations as well as inflammations present in the neurotic system, digestive system as well as nervous system in the body. It also helps in healing of anger, stress, emotional disturbance and anxiety etc.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, it’s also used to ease catarrh depositions and congestions. You need to avoid using this oil in heavier doses as it may causes sensitization as well as irritation in some cases.

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