Rosewood Essential Oil

Rosewood tree comes from the laurel family, which is native to the South American rain forests. Rosewood trees are being widely grown because of their highly beneficial oil as well as wood. The scent of rosewood oil is flowery, fresh as well as woodsy. This oil is a hit among all the aroma therapists because of its harmonizing and calming effect on both the body as well as mood.  It is ideal for providing relief for fatigued muscles and menstrual pains. Because of the great antibacterial properties of this oil, it is used to treat various skin diseases and infections.

Cineole and linalool are two of the primary components of this oil. The calming properties of rosewood oil are largely attributed to these components. This oil also helps to maintain elasticity and balance of the skin and thus is widely used in toners and massage oils. It helps to provide relief from nausea and headaches and also tension and nervousness. You can use a spray of this oil or just put a drop on the pillow, so as to enjoy the aroma of this beautiful oil.

rosewood oil

Rosewood oil also helps to remove the stretch marks. If you are having stretch marks in hips, stomach and thighs, then you should use a cream or lotion which is having rosewood essential oil in it. This oil helps to tighten the skin, thereby avoiding stretch marks.

In order to keep a balanced clear skin, you need to use rosewood oil which is diluted with carrier oil. It will help to prevent wrinkles, treat blemishes and also soothe the sensitive skin. If you want to get the best result, you should massage upwards in circular motions. If you are too stressed then use this oil also with pure lavender essential oil as it will help to make you relax. Not only this, rosewood oil is also used to treat a variety of ailments. The versatility of this oil is reflected from the various properties of the oil. For mental as well as emotional ailments, it is known to help in calming, reducing worry, frigidity etc. As far as physical aspects are concerned, it helps to deal with scars, dermatitis and treating sensitive and dry skin.

It is highly recommended that you should avoid taking the rosewood essential oil internally as it is considered as poisonous in nature. There are some other dangers which are associated with using this oil on skin externally. Thus, it should be diluted with carrier oil like safflower oil so as to make it safe for usage.

It is mainly derived from the steam distillation of the wood chips. It blends really well with lemon, lavender, orange, and bergamot and lime oil. Doctors refer to the use of rosewood tree oil for skin cell degeneration as well as providing relied from joint and muscle pain. With so many benefits associated with this oil, you can hardly ignore it.

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