Rosemary essential oil

Another name of Rosemary essential oil is Rosmarinus Officinalis. This oil is predominantly used as a cooking herb in the Mediterranean region. Apart from cooking, this oil is also used in various religious ceremonies.

Rosemary essential oil is considered as multipurpose oil. It has a strong and fresh smell and it is generally yellow in color. This oil is considered as amongst the most popular oils and is considered as suitable for various health diseases. It offers plenty of benefits like giving relief from pains, dealing with respiratory peoples, treating asthma, lice headache, coughs etc.

Rosemary oil also helps in curing the brain, liver and heart problems apart from strengthening the body. Rosemary oil is highly beneficial for hair care. It helps to make the hair roots stronger and boost up the growth, which results in fresh and lively hairs. If you are suffering from loss of hairs or gray hair problems, then do use this oil. It also helps to remove dandruff and dryness. Since it has got a strong and fresh smell, it can be used for dealing with the mouth problems like bad breath etc. It is used in lots of mouthwashes and toothpaste. This oil also removes dryness and vagueness in the skin which helps in soothing of skin tones.

In aromatherapy, rose oil is considered as amongst the most popular oil. It not only carries an exotic fragrance but it is also soothing. It is used in various perfumes, beauty products as well as room fresheners. Aromatherapies encourage the inhalation of natural rosemary oil which provides a sort of motivation and enthusiasm of leading a positive life. Its aroma is recommended for people who are suffering from stress or depression.

Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that rosemary essential oil is one such oil that provides complete health package ranging from cooking to aromatherapy etc. However, being an essential oil it might trigger some allergies and thus one should take doctor’s advice before using it in any form. Most importantly, this oil should not be overdosed as it may cause some health complications.

Rosemary is basically an herb that grows up to a height of 5 feet. Its flowers are light blue or lilac and they consist of silver-green needle like leaves. This is an evergreen tree which belongs to the mint family. This oil is mainly produced in France, Morocco and Spain and is extracted through the steam distillation of flowers and leaves. It has got middle note in aromatherapy and is it blends really well with myrtle, cedar wood, basil and germanium etc.

This oil also helps in stimulating the central nervous system and greatly improves the intellect and left brain recall of facts and numbers. There are many cheap and synthetic copies of oils available; however they are not fit for therapeutic use. For best and effective results, you need to buy oils of highest quality.

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