Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli is among the greatest and most popular essential oil which is extracted from the leaves of the patchouli plant. The scientific name of this plant is Pogostemon cablin and it basically comes from the family of mint. This bushy herb is native to the Malaysian and Indonesian soil but is cultivated in various other parts of the globe including West Indies, China as well as India.  Growing up to a height of three feet, it gets pruned around 3-4 times in a year for the production of the patchouli essential oil.

The leaves are spread out and dried once they are harvested. Normally, they undergo fermentation during the process. The quality of the oil depends upon the drying of leaves to a large extent. The dried leaves are then processed or may be stored or baled.

Pogostemon cablin

This oil has got a classy fragrance. It is a perfume on its own. It has got a base note fragrance which is very musky, earthy and pungent. The scent of perfumes that are made up of patchouli oil is very strong and lasts for a much longer duration of time.  Since many centuries it is being used as a fixative and not surprisingly, it is as popular today as it was hundreds of years back. Its aroma is unique and patchouli essential oil blends amazingly well with Clary Sage, Lavender, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang and Rose etc.

This oil improves with age and its fragrance is developed due to the oxidation process. The thin consistency slowly transforms into syrup with the passage of time and achieves a richer and smoother fragrance.

This oil’s color vary anywhere between play yellow to reddish brown, if its distilled in the stainless steel vessel than the former will appear, whereas if its distilled in iron vessel the latter will appear. The darker color of patchouli essential oil is generally preferred however it has got absolutely nothing to do with the quality of oil. Even though there are many varieties from which this oil is extracted but the one harvested from Pogostemon cablin is considered to be more us prior than others. Make sure that you are buying oil from a genuine supplier.

This is versatile oil and finds its heavy use in the field of aromatherapy. It is in fact an essential item of your home aromatherapy kit. The antifungal, anti inflammatory as well as antiseptic properties of patchouli oil is something which will surely catch your attention. It helps in treating variety of ailments including acne, insect bites, scrapes, dermatitis and athlete’s foot etc. It is also used in manufacturing of soaps and shampoos.

The fragrance of this oil helps to reduce depression, anxiety and stress and is often used for the purpose of meditation. Since it helps to diminishing the appetite many dieters go for this oil. You can also do gentle massage on your skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkle as it helps in tightening of the skin.

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