Onion Seed Oil

The name onion seed might confuse you, as the seed is basically not from the onion family. Onion seed is generally known by many names including black caraway, flitch, blessed seed and black sesame seed etc. The healing powers of onion seed is known since ancient history. The Greeks used this oil to treat headaches, parasitic worms and toothaches etc. Also, onion seed oil was used in many Egyptian tombs to protect the sacred items. It is said to be originated from the Mediterranean area and is widely cultivated in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and some parts of India.  Onion seed oil contains of protein, fats and carbohydrates.

onion-seeds oil

Earlier, its use was mainly limited to treating problems of diarrhea, asthma and dyslipidemia, apart from limiting the abrupt concentrations of lipids present in the blood. This oil has got fever reducing, pain relieving and anti microbial as well as anti inflammatory properties. It is also very helpful in increasing the respiration and decreasing the blood pressure in humans. Many doctors recommended the use of onion seed oil to treat various forms of allergies.

The only side effects that are said to be associated with onion seed oil is the skin reactions. In some rare cases, it causes dosing. You have to ensure that it doesn’t affect with any other medications that you are already taking. Onion seed oil offers you health benefits that are equivalent to garlic. For treating lung problems also many use this essential oil, especially for treating lung infections. Some studies reveal that onion seed oil reduce the cancer risk, especially colon and stomach cancer. The price of this oil varies and depends upon the quality of extraction. It is easily available in general stores as well as chemist’s shop. You can also buy it online. There are many stores that are selling essential oil online. You can get some really good deals and discounts there.

This oil has got a universal appeal and its demand has increased considerably over than past few years. Since this oil is usually of high grade, it is use wildly in cosmetics as well as pharmacy. Onion seeds are highly valued herbs which are used for a wide range of culinary as well as medicinal uses. Onion seed oil is considered as a magic potion. Massage is something in which it is widely used.  The healing quality of this great oil is recognized since long. The main advantages of using essential oils for healing or massage purposes is that most of them are reasonable priced and this holds true for onion seed oil as well.

This oil is also used in making many recipes. It gives flavor and smell to the food. You can also combine this oil with various other oils just to enhance the effectives of the oils. Many hair blends and balms make use of onion seed oil in their preparations and also it is a vital component in spices.

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