Melissa Essential Oil

As we all know, aromatherapy is something that has got a brilliant effect on the mind as well as body.  It helps in providing the healing and relaxation to your suffering body. Essential oils have been helping in aromatherapy since quite some time now and those who are in some need of such type of relaxation must consider using Melissa essential oil.

This oil is also known by various names including lemon balm or just balm. Melissa essential oil is extracted from the Melissa tree which is also sometime known as Bee plant. However, it’s not that you can distill it from any plant. It is derived only from plants that have been under special care so that the quality of the distilled oil is up to the mark. This plat is usual planted near the beehive so as to assist the bees in the production of the delicious, sweet, high quality honey. This plant grows up to a height of 2 feet and consists of whitish ping flowers.

Melissa plant grows widely in the fertile region of Mediterranean where there are damp conditions and cool weather as it helps in cultivation. The loving sweet, fresh as well as the citrus like smell will refresh your senses. The combination of citronella and lemongrass will surely provide your emotions the much required delight.

Melissa herb

The aroma of Melissa essential oil will provide the calming and soothing effect. It also helps in reducing pain, eliminating depression and negative feelings and also driving away anxiety and sadness. The use of this oil also promotes sleep. So just apply it before you go to sleep and wake up refreshed in the morning. The fragrance of Melissa essential oil helps in uplifting as well as balancing emotions and helps you to have a positive outlook towards life. Of course, in these busy days anyone will like to have some time off and relax and feel the calm breeze that surrounds your senses.

The use of Melissa essential oil might cause some irritations on your skin and thus it is advised that you dilute it with some sort of oil. It gives best result when you mix it in your bathing water. The magical touch of this essential oil will really help you a lot.

Melissa essential oil is chemically very rich and comprises of various important chemicals including geranyl acetate, d-cadinene, y-cadinenen linalool, b-bourbonene, caryophyllene etc. While buying Melissa essential oil you should ensure that you are opting for the best quality. Cheaper blends of this oil are of no good as they do not possess the same powerful properties like the true oil does. There are lots of online stores from you can purchase this oil, else you will find it in departmental stores and chemists shops. Melissa essential oil has got good blending capabilities and mixes really well with Roman chamomile oil, rose oil, Lavender Oil, Orange Oil, etc.

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