Mandarin Oil

Even though mandarin tree is now massively cultivated in Japan, South America as well as Southern parts of Europe, this tree was originated in the highlands of China. It is interesting to note that this tree got its name from Mandarin, which was usually referred to high officials of Chinese empire.

Mandarin, whose oil is derived from the outer peel, belongs to the family of orange. On pressing the peel of this tree, a sweet and flower aroma is derived along with the oil. Mandarin essential oil said to relieve anxiety and refresh mood. This oil is also referred to as “happy oil” as it provides a sense of cleanliness and freshness. The best thing about the mandarin essential oil is that it is safe for use for all age groups.

There are many therapeutic benefits of mandarin essential oil with the first and foremost being that it helps in uplifting of the spirits. The fresh, tart aroma of this great essential oil makes it very useful for combating sadness as well as depression. Its brilliant properties helps to alleviate distress and it can also be used as a perfect sedative.

There are countless problems and symptoms that this great oil can help you with. It is also used as a common cleaner for the house. All you need to do is to just add a few drops of mandarin essential oil to rag or water and clean the floors with ease. The superb natural antiseptic properties of this oil will help you to disinfect and clean the items that are kept in your rooms. This is more apt in case of children’s room as you need not worry about harmful chemicals.

Many individuals use this oil to prevent the scratch marks. For this, you need to mix this oil with any carrier oil including sweet almond, safflower or grapes seed extract and rub on the areas where the marks are appearing. Since this is one of the few oils that are safe for use by the pregnant women, thus you can use it during pregnancy also.

This oil can also be used for relieving tired muscles as well as muscles cramps. You need to add around ten drops of this oil along with five drops of Geranium oil in a glass of milk and then add it to your bathing water. Since you cannot add oils just to water as they do not mix, you need the carrier for oils and this is where the role of milk comes into play.

As said earlier, these are just some of the any benefits that this great essential oil provides. Without any doubt, aroma is the major ingredient of this oil.

Unlike majority of the other oils, this oil is extremely safe and can be used by children and pregnant mothers also. Just that you need to take some care. As it is photosensitive, you need to avoid it putting under direct sunlight.

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