Macassar essential oil

Macassar essential oil is passionate oil which can be put to plenty of uses. This oil is very helpful in creating an atmosphere of sensitivity, trust and expectation and promotes well being and love. This is versatile oil that uplifts your spirit and emotions. This oil has got a long history. Macassar essential oil is believed to be originated from the Southeastern region, thousands of years ago. However, it slowly spread throughout the world and is now being cultivated in Africa, America as well as some parts of Europe. Macassar oil is derived from the flower petals of macassar plant. The petals from which the oil is derived are usually picked up early morning so as to deliver the oil in large quantities.

This oil has got an intoxicating fragrance. Since long, it has been used as an exotic scent. Apart from perfumery, it is also used for treating various medical ailments. It provides great relief from any sort of insect bites or skin irritations. Almost all the major skin ointments use macassar essential oil in their preparation. This oil also aids hair in the re-growth or regeneration. If you are suffering from any sort of infection, do make use of this oil as it helps to get rid of cold, flu and fever etc.

Macassar essential oil has got great blending properties and it can mix really well with various carrier oils and essential oil including clove, lemon, eucalyptus, sandalwood, rose, ginger and rosewood etc. In aromatherapy, macassar essential oil is used for promoting healthy emotional state and improved the self confidence of an individual. It brings enthusiasm, calmness and joy in your life. This is not all; there are plenty of other benefits associated with the use of this oil, like it helps in regulating your heartbeat. Apart from that you can use them to help in cardiac problems. For people suffering from intestinal complaints, macassar essential oil provides an excellent solution. This anti inflammatory as well as anti parasitic oil is also used in preparation of many medicines.

For people who are suffering from low sex drive, this oil is used for increasing their libido. It has also got a good reputation of being an effective anxiety and stress reliever. Since this oil is very strong, thus it’s recommended that diluted version of this oil shall be used. Also people suffering from skin diseases, pregnant mothers as well as small kids shall avoid the use of this oil in any form. Even though there are hardly any side effects associated with macassar essential oil sometimes it is said to cause rashes. Thus, consult your doctor before you use this oil. In case any symptoms appear, discontinue the use and consult your doctor immediately. This oil is widely available across all the online and offline stores and is priced reasonably. It offers plenty of uses and thus is a hit among masses.

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