Lime Oil

Lime tree is found abundantly in India. It was also introduced in Europe and then was subsequently brought to North America. Traditionally, it was used to treat the problem of scurvy, which is mainly caused due to deficiency of Vitamin C in the body. This tree belongs to the family of Rutaceae. This great essential oil has got a sweet as well as tangy scent. This is medically used to enhance the nervous system of the body and has also got great antiseptic properties.

The therapeutic properties of lime oil provide an uplifting and refreshing effect to the user. The main compounds of lime oil include citraal, linalool, limonene and camphene etc. These compounds provide the astringent properties to lime oil. Lime oil helps in clearing out the pimples. You just need to apply a cotton ball dipped in the oil to the affected area and all your pimples will be gone. This mixture will help to minimize the scarring and also preserve the protecting skin layer. Another use of lime oil is for opening up the bronchial tubes that assist in breathing. Lime has got some cleansing and disincentive properties and thus serve as excellent addition for sauna, shower or bath.

Lime oil when mixed with rosemary oil and pine oil provides some brilliant effects. The mixture of these oils makes the bronchial tubes stronger and also fortifies them, making it easier to breathe.

Hair forms an important part of human body and is sometimes considered as a crowning glory. It is important that we make the healthier and shiny by various means. Since they are exposed to radiation and pollution all the time, you have to take extreme care of them; otherwise you will face problems like baldness and irregular scalp etc. Almost all the hair care products consist of lime oil as their major constituents. This oil can do wonders to your hair and you should use it frequently.

If you are looking for perfect method of well being and self care then does use lime pure essential oil. It helps to achieve a perfect harmony as well as balance in your life. Since it blends well with various other essential oil, it is highly in demands. For improving blood circulation and skin moisture many people make use of this oil. It’s hard to believe but even some soft drinks consist of lime oil.

There are some safeties precautions that you need to take when you use lime oil. Lime comes from citrus family and has got compound called furocoumarin. The presence of this compound makes lime oil as photosensitive. Thus, if you apply his oil directly to the skin, you should not go out in direct sunlight for few hours, otherwise some brownish spots make appear on your skin. Due to its pleasantly citrus scent and amazing properties, lime oil is a must for daily well being of individuals.

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