Health benefits of Onion seed

Contrary to what its name suggests onion seed doesn’t belong to the onion family. The scientific name of this plant is Nigella sativa, which basically means black plant. This is the reason why it is known by many names including Kalanji, black onion seed, Fitch, black caraway etc. This seed has got a very rich history and various testaments talk about the healing power of this seed. The Greeks used it for a number of problems including headaches, worms and toothaches etc. Even it was found in majority of the Egyptian tombs, suggesting that it was considered as sacred oil. Onion seed oil basically originates from the Mediterranean region and is cultivated at many places across the world including Egypt, Northeast India as well as Saudi Arabia.

onion seeds

Onion seed basically contains up to 38% oil apart from containing sodium, potassium, calcium, iron as well as potassium. Historically, the use of the oil was just limited to treating diarrhea, asthma as well as dyslipidemia, which is a medical condition in which the abnormal concentrations of lipids develop in blood. However, recent researches on this oil have found out that it is also fever reducing, anti inflammatory, antimicrobial in nature. Besides, it has some great pain relieving properties. It is also very helpful in case of women as it increases the body toning. Apart from this, it helps to enhance the flow of breast milk in case of pregnant mothers and stimulates the menstrual period.

Onion seed oil has an important role to play in maintaining beauty, as this oil when taken as a supplement is said to strengthen the nails as well as hair. It is externally safe on the skin to treat skin problems like psoriasis and eczema etc. Apart from having several supplementation properties and health benefits, onion seed oil is widely use in cooking, especially Indian sub continent. The bitter taste of this oil has made it as an alternate to black pepper in many parts of the world. It has got an oregano-like color and strong pungent smell and is ideal for using as spice. This is the reason it is used in chutneys, vegetable as well as some other dishes.

Onion seed is a part of the buttercup family and the seeds of this oil are thin, dark as well as crescent shaped. It consist of over one hundred chemical compounds including arachidonic acid, protein, and vitamin B1, iron, copper, linolenic acid etc.

Onion seed oil helps to remove stress and fatigue by calming the nervous system of the body and quells the colic pain. It helps to improve the digestions and prevent high blood pressure. The oil which is crushed from the seeds of the plant is effective for treating eye tumors, thereby providing you with better visibility. With so many benefits to offer, onion seed oil is one such oil which you must have. It is easily available at all local stores and is priced affordably.

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