Galbanum Essential Oil

Galbanum essential oil is an ancient essential oil and among the every few oils that finds their mention in the Holy Bible. In ancient periods, it was burned as incense and was widely used in holy anointing oil as well as various perfumes and medicines. This oil is considered as highly effective in uplifting, yet it is very grounding. It has got plenty of uses ranging from treating inflammations, wounds and skin disorder, spasms, diuretic etc.

Over the years, the oil has become even more popular and today has been used for variety of purpose as well. These days it finds its use in treating indigestions, acne, wrinkles, muscular pains and aches, scar tissues as well as used for emotional balancing. Even though galbanum essential oil has got low vibration frequency, but when it is combined with other oils like sandalwood and frankincense, the frequency rises dramatically. It is also known as sacrificial fragrance which allows for the shedding of old attitude and ideas. The odor of this oils helps in setting the path ahead.

Essential oil extracted from Galbanum

Galbanum can be used orally, topically as well as in diffused form. In majority of the cases, galbanum essential oil is not used alone and instead blended with other oils. This oil is non-irritating and non toxic to the skin and there are hardly any side effects associated with its use. The benefits associated with this oil are largely attributed to its anti spasmodic, anti arthritic, emollient, decongestant and anti parasitic properties.

The fresh earthy as well as woody aroma of galbanum essential oil brings peace to soul and mind. The scientific name of this oil is ferula Galbaniflua and it is native to Iran and its neighbors. The oil is extracted by the steam distillation of the resin which is obtained from the Galbanum plant. Cadinene, pinene, cadinol as well as myrcene constitute the chief constituents of this oil. This oil is good detoxifier and promotes good circulatory of blood, thereby providing a great solution to the rheumatism and, especially in the joints and at the same time promoting the removal of unwanted or toxic substances from the body like salts, water and uric acid. Due to its anti spasmodic properties, many athletes resort to the use of this oil. It helps to relive the muscle pulls and crams and relax the nerves and muscles.

Since it is a cicatrisant, it diminishes the marks and scars that are left on the skin after pimples, pox or acne. This oil helps in prompting the growth of new tissues and cells in the affected area and provides a fresh look. If you are suffering from bronchitis then you must use this oil due to its brilliant decongestant properties. It helps to clean the congestion in pharynx, lungs, nasal tracts, trachea etc., thereby making it easier to breath and thus provides you with a peaceful and comfortable sleep.

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