Fennel Seed Oil

Fennel enjoys a history of more than 4000 years of cultivation. It was used by Romans and Greeks in their traditional medicines and sometimes foods also. It was used mainly for slimming and increasing the quantity of milk in nursing mothers.

Fennel is mainly an herbaceous perennial plant which is native to the Mediterranean region, but it is grown all over the world. It has got a brilliant flavor and smell. This plant has got hollow sets or stalks and the leaves resemble the feathers and are finely dissected with the thread like ends. The flower of this plant is yellow in color and is produced in umbels, i.e., they have got short and equally long stalks coming out in a cluster which spreads from a common point, thereby resembling an umbrella. The seeds of this plant are ribbed or grooved and the plant is grown normally over its flavorful seeds and leaves. India is among the leading oil producers of Fennel seed oil.

Fennel seed

The fennel seed oil is a volatile oil which has got a spicy aroma and is obtained by the evaporative distillation of the crushed seeds of the fennel seed oil. This oil is rich in various chemical components including chemical, limonene, myrcene, anethol, and pinene, fenchone, etc. It helps to tone the spleen and lever too. Besides, it is widely used in manufacturing of perfumes and soaps. Fennel seed oil also finds its good use in vapor therapy, which it is used for improving the strength as well as stimulating the appetite. Many times it is blended with the other massages oils or and added to the bath oil so as to fix the digestion complaints and also helps to reduce cellulite.

Its use in lotions and creams is indispensable and it is used for reducing the oil in the skin, easing swelling and joint pains, healing the bruises etc. Apart from fennel seed oil, this plant is also used in other forms like leaves, bulbs and stalk. Its seeds are used in favoring of cakes and biscuits. People also roast and eat the seeds of the fennel plant.

It is also said to posses some brilliant diuretic and anti bactericidal properties, which further makes it useful for the human use. However, while using the fennel seed oil you need to cater for some safety. You need to avoid the use of fennel seed oil is substantially large doses. Since the compounds in fennel seed oil are neuro-toxic in nature, thus higher concentration of the oil may cause seizures and hallucinations. Pregnant women and infants are advised to avoid this oil, as it might lead to health complications in them.

As fennel seed oil is easily available, you will not face much difficulty in finding them. All you need to ensure that you are buying filtered and graded oil which is free from any kind of adulteration. Thus, make sure that you buy the oil from a quality store.

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