Croton oil

Croton oil is derived from the seeds of a small tree Croton tiglium. This tree is native to India and is amongst the most power powerful purgative. In traditional times, doctors used to give this oil to patients who used to suffer from bowel problems as well as other illness. Since this oil has got a poison content, it’s not used internally and is mainly used for treating some skin peel treatments. Croton oil is also known as oleum tiglii. It is a transparent, viscous liquid which is usually yellow to light brown in color. It has got slight odor and unpleasant taste and contains acid.

The history of this oil is dated back to 1600’s when it was used in Europe started transporting this oil from European regions to various parts of the world. It was used as a counter irritant at that time. However, its powerful toxic effects made it unpopular among doctors and masses that time. In early 1920s, this oil again made a comeback as a popular skin care fad. Majority of the facial peels that are available in the market consist of croton oil as an active ingredient. It is very much required by the dermatologists and the plastic surgeons who use it to customize the treatment for a particular skin area, neck, eye tec. In some countries, it is also used in soaps and oil lamps. Some of the researchers have found out that this oil is effective in the treatment of cancer.

Croton plant leaves

This oil has to be used very safely, as the use of this oil on skin will cause redness and burning. If you take it internally, it will lead to stomach ache along with diarrhea. It large doses it can be highly toxic. Patient use this oil as a purgative for treating the constipation. It is also used as a substance which is aimed at inflaming an area of the body to lessen the inflammation. This illness included glandular swellings, bronchitis and rheumatism. Due to its high toxicity, this oil shall only be used in small quantities, i.e., just one or two drops. You need to handle this oil with great care. Pregnant women as well as children shall never receive the treatments of croton oil.

The source from which this oil is procured is also something that you need to have a careful look at. There are a lot of adulterated oils in the market and thus you need to go only for the genuine ones.

You might find it slightly hard to believe but croton oil also finds it use in aromatherapy. It is used in many spas in highly diluted form in massages, baths as well as steam inhalations. Thus, in some sense it helps to promote good health. It is not that this oil is life threatening, it’s just that you need to take it in specific quantities as directed by your physician.

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