Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose oil or EPO as it is popularly known is a dietary supplement which is rich in essential fatty acid like omega 6 and omega 3 and it has been proved that is highly effective in conditions where there is deficiency in the essential fatty acids. This essential oil is very beneficial for human use and has got only some mild side effects. However, it is recommended that you avoid the use of this oil prior to surgery, during the stage of pregnancy or when there is a risk of seizures. Evening primrose is native to the North American regions; however it spread to Asia and some parts of Europe in early 17th century. This oil comes from the plant Oenothera biennis and used as an herbal medicines. Some other names of this plant include hog weed, fever plant as well as German rampion. The entire plant including leaves, roots, buds etc can be eaten. This is also a staple food for many of the Native American primrose.

evening primrose herbs

Evening primrose oil is mainly derived from the dark, small seeds of the plant. 90% of the total evening primrose oil produced in the world comes from China. This oil is used medicinally to treat a plethora of conditions related to low dietary intake of amino acids, fatty acid deficiencies and also various inflammatory, reproductive and cardiovascular disorders.

The high doses of this oil, with correction of the plasma EFA level, produce some excellent clinical improvement. Various studies conducted at different parts of the world also reveal that this oil also helps to improve the percentage of body surface involvement, scaling, dryness, itch etc. Evening primrose oil is regulated as a dietary supplement in USA. In Canada too, this oil is treated as an over the counter product and is used for treating EFA deficiency conditions.

Evening primrose oil is considered as the best oil for the skin. Even though the black current oils and borage oil contains high levels of GLA which are very helpful for skin conditions, the GLA in evening primrose oil appears to be better choice for overall health of your skin. Even though its slightly expensive oil as compared to the other oils, it’s a good deal to buy keeping in minds its wide benefits.

Majority of the anti aging products that are available in the market are making heavy use of this oil in their preparation because of its rich chemical constituents. It is among the highest natural sources for this skin rebuilding nutrients. If you are looking for a fresh, glowing skin that will last throughout your life, you should start using this oil frequently. This oil can be used to treat eczema and other severe skin conditions like psoriasis and acne, both topically as well as orally. Due to its anti inflammatory properties, it also helps to prevent the swelling of rheumatoid arthritis and joint pain.

Betel Leaf Oil

Betel is a popular leaf which comes from the Piperaceae family. Kava and pepper are two other popular products of this family. This oil is known for excellent medicinal properties. The betel leaf is consumed widely in major parts of Asia. This plant is evergreen in nature and consists of glossy heart shaped leaves. This plant is native to the country Indonesia.

Two types of beetle leaf oils are prevalent in the market and these include red beetle leaf oil and green betel leaf oil. The health benefits offered by these essential oils are highly diverse. Traditionally, this oil was mainly used as a supplement in various traditional ceremonies, like wedding and all. However, today it finds its use in plenty of other uses as well. This oil is also used to maintain healthy mouth and teeth with anointing. In some western countries, the red beetle leaf oil is preferred more than the regular betel leaf oil. The effect of the active oil can stimulate the intellect as well as the central nervous system. This oil has got the effect of anti spasm, antiseptic, pain relief, controlling sugar levels, anti-diarrhea etc. Also, it helps to reducing vaginal infections, sore throat, coughing up of blood and gingivitis.

Betel Leaf

Betel plant can reach up to a height of 15m and the stem is usually round, segmented and greenish brown in color. The essential oil which is derived from the betel leaf mainly consists of starch, diastase, sugar, antioksidasi and fungicides. These components eliminate the body odor which is caused due to fungi and bacteria. In traditional medicines, it was used to treat the gastrointestinal disorders and other stomach related problems. Many people also use this oil to deal with pimples and other skin related issues.  It can also be applied to sore eyes, burns, eczema and bleeding gum so as to provide a fast relief from them. Since it has got a phenol type odor, it cannot be used in flavors or seasoning of foods. However, there are many skin care and house cleaning products that make heavy use of beetle leaf oil in their preparation.

The extraction process of this oil is quite similar to the other essential oil. It is extracted by crushing the stems as well as the leaves of beetle plumy. It has got a strong burning taste and the aroma is penloic. This oil is extremely rich in many minerals and vitamins.

You will find lot of suppliers of this oil in the market. However, if you want to save your time in searching for these, than you can always consider buying this oil from online stores. You might be eligible for a good discount if you buy this oil online. There is a wide range of oil available depending upon the quality and purity. Its flavor is warm, sharp and bitter. It is soluble in organic solvents but doesn’t mix well with water.

Marjoram essential oil

Marjoram is a common sight in majority of the herbal gardens. You will also commonly find it in most of the kitchens. The main reason behind its popularity is that it is a sweet herbaceous having a spicy aroma and thus is apt for making dishes, especially non vegetarian ones. Also, its health benefits in the field of alternative and traditional medicine are numerous. The botanical name of Marjoram is Origanun marjorana and it is abundantly found in the Mediterranean as well as Asian region. Nowadays, it’s also being cultivated in parts of Spain and Africa.

Primarily this oil was used in the treatment of asthma, as it is said to have calming effects on the respiratory system of the body. It helps to relax and calm down the respiratory systems, thereby controlling the asthmatic problems. It is used in massages also as it is a good anti spasmodic as well as analgesic. Joint pain as well as muscle pain can be treated with this great essential oil.

Marjoram essential oil is often used as an analgesic for those who are suffering from high fever so as to bring their body temperature down to the normal levels. Since this oil is organic in nature, it does not have any sort of undesirable effects like in the case of some analgesic that are available in the market. Its anti spasmodic properties help to relives from various kinds of spasm problems including intestine, respiratory as well as muscle spasms.

It is since always known as a brilliant antiseptic and was widely used in Greek culture for treating a variety of skin conditions. Modern cosmetics also make use of Marjoram essential oil so as to keep fungi and bacteria at bay. Since it also anti bacterial in nature it can provide effective protection against bacterial infections as well as food poisoning.

Modern medicines are also using this oil as a topical lotion so as to treat a wide range of skin problems like bruises and burns. Of late, the soil is also being used for the treatment of high blood pressure as well as other types of cardiac problems. The anti spasmodic properties of marjoram essential oil allows the arteries to dilate thereby prevent any further strain on the heart.  Since it’s also diuretic, thus it assists in urination.

People who are suffering from digestive problems may use this oil for the treatment of their digestive problems. Its helps in the facilitation of the digestion process by secreting the gastric juices that are required for proper digestion of food.

There are plenty of places from where you can buy marjoram essential oil. It is easily available in all the departmental stores as well as chemist shops. If you are still unable to find it them you may order it online. However, you need to ensure that the source from where you are buying this oil is credible and authentic.

Spikenard Oil

The use of spikenard oil was reported thousands of years ago in Egypt. This oil was derived from the spikenard plant and was used to anoint the masses and thus gained reputation as being a powerful healing agent. Spikenard oil was known to posses some really brilliant spritul properties and its ability to relaxe the minds was also acknowledged.

It was widely used in Hebrew culture and thus finds its mention in the Holy Bible as well. This oil is known by many names including nard, nardin as well as muskroot oil. Back then, this pure oil was put to a variety of uses including sedative, incense as well as treating various sorts of ailments. Even the Indians used it in Ayurveda.

Among the most primary benefits of using this oil is in aromatherapy where it is used for improving the circulation of blood to a great extent. As we all know, circulation system plays a very important role in our body and therefore it is very important to take care of it.  Spikenard oil helps in clearing out the impurities that are presented in the bloodstream. Apart from his, it helps in soothing, nourishing as well as regenerating the skin. This oil is also used for massages and when it is massaged into the solar plexus, its earthy and warm aroma relaxes mind as well as the body.

It helps in instilling a sense of peace and will reprieve you of the deepest form of anxiety. Like other oils, the blending properties of spikenard oil are also very good and it can blend well with neroli, lemon, lavender, patchouli, clary sage etc. The chemical compounds that are present in this oil includes bornyl acetate, menthylthymyl-ether, 1,8-cineol, jonon etc.

The rejuvenating effect that this oil has on mature skin is worth talking about and the brilliant healing properties will make all the scars and rashes on your skin disappear within a short period of time. When mixed with olive oil, it is said to provide even better and effective results.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this oil is a modern marvel as far as cleaning and regulating the circulatory system of the body is concerned. It is an old yet very effective remedy that holds health as well as spiritual benefits. This oil can be easily bought from departmental stores, chemist as well as online shops. Buying online is preferred as then you can access a wide range of this oil. Since it’s available in various grades, you need to figure out which one will you prefer.

Spikenard oil might lead to irritation sometimes and thus its usage should be recommended by a qualified doctor or a medical practitioner. It is preferred hat you take the blended or diluted version of this oil. Pregnant mothers and infants must avoid using this oil in order to avoid any sort of complications.