Galbanum Essential Oil

Galbanum essential oil is an ancient essential oil and among the every few oils that finds their mention in the Holy Bible. In ancient periods, it was burned as incense and was widely used in holy anointing oil as well as various perfumes and medicines. This oil is considered as highly effective in uplifting, yet it is very grounding. It has got plenty of uses ranging from treating inflammations, wounds and skin disorder, spasms, diuretic etc.

Over the years, the oil has become even more popular and today has been used for variety of purpose as well. These days it finds its use in treating indigestions, acne, wrinkles, muscular pains and aches, scar tissues as well as used for emotional balancing. Even though galbanum essential oil has got low vibration frequency, but when it is combined with other oils like sandalwood and frankincense, the frequency rises dramatically. It is also known as sacrificial fragrance which allows for the shedding of old attitude and ideas. The odor of this oils helps in setting the path ahead.

Essential oil extracted from Galbanum

Galbanum can be used orally, topically as well as in diffused form. In majority of the cases, galbanum essential oil is not used alone and instead blended with other oils. This oil is non-irritating and non toxic to the skin and there are hardly any side effects associated with its use. The benefits associated with this oil are largely attributed to its anti spasmodic, anti arthritic, emollient, decongestant and anti parasitic properties.

The fresh earthy as well as woody aroma of galbanum essential oil brings peace to soul and mind. The scientific name of this oil is ferula Galbaniflua and it is native to Iran and its neighbors. The oil is extracted by the steam distillation of the resin which is obtained from the Galbanum plant. Cadinene, pinene, cadinol as well as myrcene constitute the chief constituents of this oil. This oil is good detoxifier and promotes good circulatory of blood, thereby providing a great solution to the rheumatism and, especially in the joints and at the same time promoting the removal of unwanted or toxic substances from the body like salts, water and uric acid. Due to its anti spasmodic properties, many athletes resort to the use of this oil. It helps to relive the muscle pulls and crams and relax the nerves and muscles.

Since it is a cicatrisant, it diminishes the marks and scars that are left on the skin after pimples, pox or acne. This oil helps in prompting the growth of new tissues and cells in the affected area and provides a fresh look. If you are suffering from bronchitis then you must use this oil due to its brilliant decongestant properties. It helps to clean the congestion in pharynx, lungs, nasal tracts, trachea etc., thereby making it easier to breath and thus provides you with a peaceful and comfortable sleep.

Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli is among the greatest and most popular essential oil which is extracted from the leaves of the patchouli plant. The scientific name of this plant is Pogostemon cablin and it basically comes from the family of mint. This bushy herb is native to the Malaysian and Indonesian soil but is cultivated in various other parts of the globe including West Indies, China as well as India.  Growing up to a height of three feet, it gets pruned around 3-4 times in a year for the production of the patchouli essential oil.

The leaves are spread out and dried once they are harvested. Normally, they undergo fermentation during the process. The quality of the oil depends upon the drying of leaves to a large extent. The dried leaves are then processed or may be stored or baled.

Pogostemon cablin

This oil has got a classy fragrance. It is a perfume on its own. It has got a base note fragrance which is very musky, earthy and pungent. The scent of perfumes that are made up of patchouli oil is very strong and lasts for a much longer duration of time.  Since many centuries it is being used as a fixative and not surprisingly, it is as popular today as it was hundreds of years back. Its aroma is unique and patchouli essential oil blends amazingly well with Clary Sage, Lavender, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang and Rose etc.

This oil improves with age and its fragrance is developed due to the oxidation process. The thin consistency slowly transforms into syrup with the passage of time and achieves a richer and smoother fragrance.

This oil’s color vary anywhere between play yellow to reddish brown, if its distilled in the stainless steel vessel than the former will appear, whereas if its distilled in iron vessel the latter will appear. The darker color of patchouli essential oil is generally preferred however it has got absolutely nothing to do with the quality of oil. Even though there are many varieties from which this oil is extracted but the one harvested from Pogostemon cablin is considered to be more us prior than others. Make sure that you are buying oil from a genuine supplier.

This is versatile oil and finds its heavy use in the field of aromatherapy. It is in fact an essential item of your home aromatherapy kit. The antifungal, anti inflammatory as well as antiseptic properties of patchouli oil is something which will surely catch your attention. It helps in treating variety of ailments including acne, insect bites, scrapes, dermatitis and athlete’s foot etc. It is also used in manufacturing of soaps and shampoos.

The fragrance of this oil helps to reduce depression, anxiety and stress and is often used for the purpose of meditation. Since it helps to diminishing the appetite many dieters go for this oil. You can also do gentle massage on your skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkle as it helps in tightening of the skin.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is an essential oil that is being widely used commercially in various parts of the world. It is mainly derived from the Melaleuca Alternifolia tree through distillation of the tree leaves. It is yellowish in color. This tree is native to north eastern part of Australia. In Australia, you will find this oil almost everywhere and in every household.

Contrary to its name, tea tree oil has got no relationship with the tea leaves. Like majority of the other essential oil, tea tree oil has got a rich history and is considered as a prized natural medicine. From treating wounds to respiratory problems, this oil was used in almost every ailment. Just inhaling the tea tree oil vapors can get you rid of severe cold and cough.

tea tree plant

It is a wonderful oil of nature having good antiviral as well as antiseptic properties. It offers excellent remedy to the skin ailments as well. Due to wide array or properties that it posses, it is used for removal of pests, fungal infections, bacterial diseases as well as treatments of inflammations and wounds. It is highly effective against the head lice and is found in various popular anti lice medications. Also, it is a common ingredient in shampoos as well as conditioners, as it helps to curb the dandruff.

The antifungal properties of tea tree oil help to nail fungus and are used for yeast infections and acne cure. In terms of agricultural uses, tea tree essential oil is a potent insecticide and used by many farmers. The major benefit of using it as an insecticide is that it doesn’t repel the insect but kill them instead, without causing any damage to the crop. Even though neem succeeds this oil in this regard, still it is widely used in various agricultural circles all around the world.

Tea tree oil is also used commonly for killing the household pests including mosquitoes. Since it can be used in both freshwater as well as marines, it is often added to aquarium. However, don’t put too much oil in you aquarium as it might affect the biological filter.

This oil is only for topical use as it might cause some side effects if you consume it. The side effects might include body weakness, rashes, vomiting and drowsiness etc. Also avoid using pure tea tree oil. It is preferred that you opt for the diluted version of the oil. Some people and experts also refer to this oil as all cure oil and this is definitely not an exaggeration.

It is also anti microbial in nature and microbes keep a distance from this oil. The balsamic properties of tree tea oil helps to enhance your physical well being and improves you immunity to diseases and other health ailments.

It’s also a good blending oil and blends almost with all the oils including thyme, rosewood, clove, nutmeg as well as rosemary essential oil.

Palmarosa Oil

Plamarosa or Cymbopogon martini belongs to the family of grasses and is mainly found in India as well as Comoro Islands. This grass is closely related to lemongrass and was used as incense in history. It has been distilled ever since the starting of the 18th century. During those days, this oil was shipped from India to Constantinople and also Bulgaria, where it was used as an adulterant for the rose oil. This oil has also got a wide commercial uses and is used in cosmetics, soaps, perfumes as well as tobacco. Plamarosa is also used in both, the oil as well as dry form in Ayurvedic medicines for the treatment of rheumatic pain, neuralgia, lumbago etc.

Modern science also supports the use of plamarosa oil as it is a good antiviral, antibacterial as well as antifungal agent. It also helps in providing necessary support to the nervous and heart system and regulates the production of sebum in the skin. If you want to have a fresh and healthy skin then do use this oil as it stimulates the production of new skin cells.

Palmarosa herb

Plamarosa oil is calming, anti depressive and uplifting in nature. It can also be a stimulating agent for lymphatic drainings as well as endocrine system. Apart from being used in case of fungal infections like Candida, it is also used for the treatment of digestive problems and circulatory diseases. Its fragrance will remind you of the strengths that lie in the purpose and direction. People often use plamarosa oil for emotional healing and to encourage enthusiasm, growth as well as loyalty.

Like majority of the other essential oils, it is advised that you should not use palmarosa oil directly and should instead dilute it with one part of essential oil with a part of mixing oil. Also, it can be directly infused, inhaled or can be takes as a dietary supplement. Plamarosa oil blends well with many other oils including rosemary, bergamot, rose, geranium, chamomiles, rosewood, as well as all citrus oils.

As far as the safety of palmarosa oil is concerned it is non-irritating, non-sensitizing as well as non toxic in nature and thus you will not face any problem in using it. However, it’s better to take recommendations of a physicist before you use this oil in any form.

A lot of doctors recommend the application of this oil on external wounds. It is as effective as the other pharmaceutically manufactured products. Your immune system also gets benefitted by the use of this oil as it helps in growing new cells. The wound heals at a much faster pace and everyday stress doesn’t take much of a toll. Its widely availability is among the major reasons of its affordability.

Melissa Essential Oil

As we all know, aromatherapy is something that has got a brilliant effect on the mind as well as body.  It helps in providing the healing and relaxation to your suffering body. Essential oils have been helping in aromatherapy since quite some time now and those who are in some need of such type of relaxation must consider using Melissa essential oil.

This oil is also known by various names including lemon balm or just balm. Melissa essential oil is extracted from the Melissa tree which is also sometime known as Bee plant. However, it’s not that you can distill it from any plant. It is derived only from plants that have been under special care so that the quality of the distilled oil is up to the mark. This plat is usual planted near the beehive so as to assist the bees in the production of the delicious, sweet, high quality honey. This plant grows up to a height of 2 feet and consists of whitish ping flowers.

Melissa plant grows widely in the fertile region of Mediterranean where there are damp conditions and cool weather as it helps in cultivation. The loving sweet, fresh as well as the citrus like smell will refresh your senses. The combination of citronella and lemongrass will surely provide your emotions the much required delight.

Melissa herb

The aroma of Melissa essential oil will provide the calming and soothing effect. It also helps in reducing pain, eliminating depression and negative feelings and also driving away anxiety and sadness. The use of this oil also promotes sleep. So just apply it before you go to sleep and wake up refreshed in the morning. The fragrance of Melissa essential oil helps in uplifting as well as balancing emotions and helps you to have a positive outlook towards life. Of course, in these busy days anyone will like to have some time off and relax and feel the calm breeze that surrounds your senses.

The use of Melissa essential oil might cause some irritations on your skin and thus it is advised that you dilute it with some sort of oil. It gives best result when you mix it in your bathing water. The magical touch of this essential oil will really help you a lot.

Melissa essential oil is chemically very rich and comprises of various important chemicals including geranyl acetate, d-cadinene, y-cadinenen linalool, b-bourbonene, caryophyllene etc. While buying Melissa essential oil you should ensure that you are opting for the best quality. Cheaper blends of this oil are of no good as they do not possess the same powerful properties like the true oil does. There are lots of online stores from you can purchase this oil, else you will find it in departmental stores and chemists shops. Melissa essential oil has got good blending capabilities and mixes really well with Roman chamomile oil, rose oil, Lavender Oil, Orange Oil, etc.

Croton oil

Croton oil is derived from the seeds of a small tree Croton tiglium. This tree is native to India and is amongst the most power powerful purgative. In traditional times, doctors used to give this oil to patients who used to suffer from bowel problems as well as other illness. Since this oil has got a poison content, it’s not used internally and is mainly used for treating some skin peel treatments. Croton oil is also known as oleum tiglii. It is a transparent, viscous liquid which is usually yellow to light brown in color. It has got slight odor and unpleasant taste and contains acid.

The history of this oil is dated back to 1600’s when it was used in Europe started transporting this oil from European regions to various parts of the world. It was used as a counter irritant at that time. However, its powerful toxic effects made it unpopular among doctors and masses that time. In early 1920s, this oil again made a comeback as a popular skin care fad. Majority of the facial peels that are available in the market consist of croton oil as an active ingredient. It is very much required by the dermatologists and the plastic surgeons who use it to customize the treatment for a particular skin area, neck, eye tec. In some countries, it is also used in soaps and oil lamps. Some of the researchers have found out that this oil is effective in the treatment of cancer.

Croton plant leaves

This oil has to be used very safely, as the use of this oil on skin will cause redness and burning. If you take it internally, it will lead to stomach ache along with diarrhea. It large doses it can be highly toxic. Patient use this oil as a purgative for treating the constipation. It is also used as a substance which is aimed at inflaming an area of the body to lessen the inflammation. This illness included glandular swellings, bronchitis and rheumatism. Due to its high toxicity, this oil shall only be used in small quantities, i.e., just one or two drops. You need to handle this oil with great care. Pregnant women as well as children shall never receive the treatments of croton oil.

The source from which this oil is procured is also something that you need to have a careful look at. There are a lot of adulterated oils in the market and thus you need to go only for the genuine ones.

You might find it slightly hard to believe but croton oil also finds it use in aromatherapy. It is used in many spas in highly diluted form in massages, baths as well as steam inhalations. Thus, in some sense it helps to promote good health. It is not that this oil is life threatening, it’s just that you need to take it in specific quantities as directed by your physician.

Thyme Oil

Thyme is an herb which is widely using for the purpose of cooking. It has got a minty flavor and is used in flavoring, spices etc. Since the essence of thyme is not very dominating, it does not surpass the flavors that are already present in the dishes.

Thyme helps in lending the dish an aromatic and warm flavor. However the use of thyme is not just limited to use as an excellent flavoring agent. The herb from which the thyme oil is extracted contains some brilliant medicinal properties. Before the discovery of the antibiotics, this oil was greatly used for the purpose of disinfection and cleansing of the wounds. This oil is also rich in antiseptic, antifungal as well as various antibacterial properties, which makes this oil as a potent remedy for the treatment of inflammations and infections. The main component of thyme oil is thymol, which is highly rich in antiseptic properties. This is the reason why this oil is an active ingredient in majority of the hand sanitizers, creams as well as mouthwash. There is a significant amount of iron, vitamin K, calcium and manganese present in it.

thyme essential oil

Thyme oil is also diuretic in nature so it helps in the removal of toxins by increasing the urination in the body. It also helps to reduce the level of uric acid present in the blood. Since it is also a stimulant, it promotes the circulation of blood in the human body. For treatment of gout, rheumatism and arthritis, this oil is a good remedy option.

Spasms in the intestine, muscles, respiratory tracts as well as nerves can be reduced by using the thyme oil. Thyme oil helps in limiting the growth of bacteria in both outside as well as inside of the body. Thus, the various types of bacterial infection in the genitals, intestines, wounds and respiratory system can be treated with the help of this oil.

Thyme is said to have a positive effect on the functioning of heart. It helps to maintain the valves in good condition. It helps in calming the veins and arteries and lowers the blood pressure. It helps in the strengthening of the cardiac muscles, thereby protecting the heart from suffering excessive stress. Due to the tonic properties, it helps to tone up the heart.

You can keep parasites, fleas, mosquitoes as well as lice can be kept away from the body by using thus oil. Also, it helps in kill various types of pests including beetles, bugs as well as moths. For women, it is used for curing painful menstruation, menopause and irregular periods. Since it helps in stimulating the production of estrogen, it helps to defer menopause and provide cure from various symptom that are associated with menstruation including depression, nausea, fatigue etc.

Lastly, thyme oil finds it use in removing the blemishes and scares completely. This property of thyme oil makes it a popular and attractive cosmetic product.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil has got the botanical name Lavandula latifolia. It consist of various phytochemicals, however linalyl acetate and linalool are the main ingredients. Lavender grows up to a height of 3-4 feet, producing fragrant leaves and flowers. It is available in many forms in the market including dried herbs, oil, capsules and tea etc. The extraction process of lavender oil is similar to methods of extraction of other essential oils.

The most common method adopted for lavender oil extraction is steam distillation. In this method, the flower stems that are being used for the distillation purpose are harvested as soon as the flower buds are opened. Lavender oil has got many uses. It is widely used in perfumery and cosmetic industry. The majority of the perfumes have got lavender oil as a main ingredient. It contains many active ingredients that help to combat the various health conditions. Lavender oil is a vital part of aromatherapy. You will find a lot of hair gels, soaps and lotions containing lavender oil in huge quantities.

Its scent is calming in nature. It also controls the anxiety. When it is added to a vaporizer, lavender oil helps in the treatment of cough and cold. Mild and gentle raw materials are used for the production of lavender based perfumes. The other ingredients used in making lavender perfumes consist of unbleached beeswax, jojoba oil and apricot oil etc.

Since lavender based oils have got a low intensity, thus you need to apply it more frequently. However, the aroma will surely charm you. It encourages a mood of relaxation, peace and playfulness.

There are hardly any side effects involved with the use of lavender oil. It is better that you check with the doctor for any allergies, in order to see whether it causes any negative effects. Sometime mild side effects include headache, vomiting, chills, nausea, etc. Since lavender consists of limonene, it may cause photosensitivity.

The vulnerary properties of this oil help in arresting the bleeding in wounds. Also, it balances the skin texture. Lavender oil is also useful in stimulating the growth of new cells. This is the reason why it is used in various anti aging skin care products.

Since lavender oil is available in plenty, it is priced pretty decently and you can buy it from various online as well as offline stores. This oil has been known since a long time. It is known for encouraging balance in the nervous system. The aromatherapy benefits of lavender oil include improving lifting moods of people, improving the nervous system etc. Some people take bath in water that is mixed with lavender oil. Dried lavender is equally popular for its aromatic properties. The leaves are also burned for a wonderful fragrance.

Lastly, this oil is versatile in nature. It has got some brilliant relaxing and rejuvenating properties that will lift your spirits.

Lime Oil

Lime tree is found abundantly in India. It was also introduced in Europe and then was subsequently brought to North America. Traditionally, it was used to treat the problem of scurvy, which is mainly caused due to deficiency of Vitamin C in the body. This tree belongs to the family of Rutaceae. This great essential oil has got a sweet as well as tangy scent. This is medically used to enhance the nervous system of the body and has also got great antiseptic properties.

The therapeutic properties of lime oil provide an uplifting and refreshing effect to the user. The main compounds of lime oil include citraal, linalool, limonene and camphene etc. These compounds provide the astringent properties to lime oil. Lime oil helps in clearing out the pimples. You just need to apply a cotton ball dipped in the oil to the affected area and all your pimples will be gone. This mixture will help to minimize the scarring and also preserve the protecting skin layer. Another use of lime oil is for opening up the bronchial tubes that assist in breathing. Lime has got some cleansing and disincentive properties and thus serve as excellent addition for sauna, shower or bath.

Lime oil when mixed with rosemary oil and pine oil provides some brilliant effects. The mixture of these oils makes the bronchial tubes stronger and also fortifies them, making it easier to breathe.

Hair forms an important part of human body and is sometimes considered as a crowning glory. It is important that we make the healthier and shiny by various means. Since they are exposed to radiation and pollution all the time, you have to take extreme care of them; otherwise you will face problems like baldness and irregular scalp etc. Almost all the hair care products consist of lime oil as their major constituents. This oil can do wonders to your hair and you should use it frequently.

If you are looking for perfect method of well being and self care then does use lime pure essential oil. It helps to achieve a perfect harmony as well as balance in your life. Since it blends well with various other essential oil, it is highly in demands. For improving blood circulation and skin moisture many people make use of this oil. It’s hard to believe but even some soft drinks consist of lime oil.

There are some safeties precautions that you need to take when you use lime oil. Lime comes from citrus family and has got compound called furocoumarin. The presence of this compound makes lime oil as photosensitive. Thus, if you apply his oil directly to the skin, you should not go out in direct sunlight for few hours, otherwise some brownish spots make appear on your skin. Due to its pleasantly citrus scent and amazing properties, lime oil is a must for daily well being of individuals.

Macadamia oil

Macadamia oil is amazing oil that is derived from the cold pressing of the macadamia nut. This oil has got a delicate and nutty aroma which helps to bring the natural goodness in the foods. Also, the smoke point of the macadamia oil is much higher than olive oil. It implies that it is much more beneficial in terms of fatty acids and resists the degradation process during cooking. Various researches have shown that macadamia oil is highly effective in reducing the LDL cholesterol levels. The macadamia oil is also balanced in nature, thus proving to be highly beneficial for the health.

This oil also helps to improve the structure of the heart. More than 70% of this oil is constituted of monounsaturated fats. It is also used in cosmetic formulations as fragrance fixative and emollient. Macadamia oil is a non volatile oil which belongs to the family of Macadamia integrifolia. This plant is native to the Australian subcontinent.

The cushiony, rich feel of this oil makes it ideal for cosmetics. It has got a high oxidative stability which makes it a perfect component of sun care lotion, night creams and various skin care applications. This oil is slowly becoming popular among massage therapists, chefs and various skin care specialists. When it is applied to the skin, it leaves a brilliant and velvety sheen. Macadamia oil is excellent for lip care, massage, moisturizing and toning purposes.

Macadamia oil is high in protein and also consists of many rich vitamins as well as minerals. The thiamin component which is present in this oil in decent quantity helps to convert carbohydrates into energy, thereby maintaining a proper nervous system.

The benefits that are offered by this oil are wide. Since the oil is non greasy, it penetrates the skin easily. Macadamia oil is light golden in color. Also, it is a very strong antioxidant, which helps to give a longer shelf life to this oil. In some products, it acts as a preservative. The palmitoleic acid present in the oil is absorbed by skin easily, thereby making it a perfect moisturizer. The presence of Vitamin E along with various antioxidants in this oil makes it ideal to remove stretch marks and scars. Also, it is highly effective against sunburns. It is also used for lip service. Almost all the lip balms available in the market make use of this oil in their preparation as it helps to soothe the lips. There are plenty of exfoliating benefits that are associated with macadamia oil. Just by mixing it with exfoliates like brown sugar or salt, you will be able to create an herb exfoliating product. The smooth properties combined with soft texture of the oil makes it ideal to be used for the purpose of massage. It is also good carrier oil and can be combined with plenty of other fragrance oils or aromatherapy agents, in order to create an effective product.