Cashew Nut Oil

Cashew tree basically originates from Brazil. In this region, the fruit of the tree is considered to be as a delicacy. In the 16th century, the plantation of this tree spread to some parts of Africa and Asian sub continent, where they are now grown abundantly. Cashews are highly rich in zinc, selenium, iron, magnesium and phosphorous. These are also excellent sources of antioxidants, phytochemicals and protein etc. Cashew oil which is derived by the steam distillation of the cashew seeds is highly useful and some of its benefits are discussed below.

Prevention of Cancer
Cashew oil is rich in proanthocyanidins, which is a category of flavanols that helps in restricting the cancer cells from dividing and spreading. Various studies conducted worldwide point out that this oil helps to reduce the risk of colon cancer. Since the oil contains copper in good quantities, it helps to eliminate the free radicals that are present in your body. The presence of antioxidants and phtyochemicals ensure that our heart is protected well from cancer and other heart diseases.

Heart Health

As compared to other nuts, cashews have got a much lesser fat content. Most of the fat that is present in this oil is in form of oleic acid, similar to the one found in olive oil. Studies reveal that the presence of this acid helps in promoting cardiovascular health by reducing the triglyceride level in the body and thus ensures that your heart remains in a good condition. The magnesium present in the cashew oil helps to reduce your blood pressure and also prevents heart attacks.

Skin Care

Copper play a crucial role in a wide range of processes of the body and with cashew oil being rich in this element, it can be highly useful for you. One such use of this oil is that it helps in maintaining the pigment that provides skin and hair its color.  A large number of commercial skin and hair products make use of this oil in their preparation.

Bone Health

Cashew oil contains magnesium in good quantities and it is required in the formation and growth of bones. Thus, cashew oil provides the body with the much needed magnesium. Besides the copper that is present in the oil plays an important role in the functioning of the enzymes that are involved in combining elastin and collages, thereby providing flexibility and collage in joints as well as bones. It is also very helpful for nerves as it helps to prevent the calcium from rushing in the nerve cells of the body and activate them, magnesium helps in relaxing the muscles and blood vessels too. Also, insufficient magnesium might lead to high blood pressure, fatigue tension, soreness etc.

Even though cashew oil is high in fat, it in an important ingredient in many weight loss recipes as it is considered as a “good fat”. This oil is relatively safe to use and involves almost nil side effect.

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