Betel Leaf Oil

Betel is a popular leaf which comes from the Piperaceae family. Kava and pepper are two other popular products of this family. This oil is known for excellent medicinal properties. The betel leaf is consumed widely in major parts of Asia. This plant is evergreen in nature and consists of glossy heart shaped leaves. This plant is native to the country Indonesia.

Two types of beetle leaf oils are prevalent in the market and these include red beetle leaf oil and green betel leaf oil. The health benefits offered by these essential oils are highly diverse. Traditionally, this oil was mainly used as a supplement in various traditional ceremonies, like wedding and all. However, today it finds its use in plenty of other uses as well. This oil is also used to maintain healthy mouth and teeth with anointing. In some western countries, the red beetle leaf oil is preferred more than the regular betel leaf oil. The effect of the active oil can stimulate the intellect as well as the central nervous system. This oil has got the effect of anti spasm, antiseptic, pain relief, controlling sugar levels, anti-diarrhea etc. Also, it helps to reducing vaginal infections, sore throat, coughing up of blood and gingivitis.

Betel Leaf

Betel plant can reach up to a height of 15m and the stem is usually round, segmented and greenish brown in color. The essential oil which is derived from the betel leaf mainly consists of starch, diastase, sugar, antioksidasi and fungicides. These components eliminate the body odor which is caused due to fungi and bacteria. In traditional medicines, it was used to treat the gastrointestinal disorders and other stomach related problems. Many people also use this oil to deal with pimples and other skin related issues.  It can also be applied to sore eyes, burns, eczema and bleeding gum so as to provide a fast relief from them. Since it has got a phenol type odor, it cannot be used in flavors or seasoning of foods. However, there are many skin care and house cleaning products that make heavy use of beetle leaf oil in their preparation.

The extraction process of this oil is quite similar to the other essential oil. It is extracted by crushing the stems as well as the leaves of beetle plumy. It has got a strong burning taste and the aroma is penloic. This oil is extremely rich in many minerals and vitamins.

You will find lot of suppliers of this oil in the market. However, if you want to save your time in searching for these, than you can always consider buying this oil from online stores. You might be eligible for a good discount if you buy this oil online. There is a wide range of oil available depending upon the quality and purity. Its flavor is warm, sharp and bitter. It is soluble in organic solvents but doesn’t mix well with water.

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